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1st Jun 2018

Travel for me is all about new experiences and finding myself out of my comfort zone, I see these moments as the most valuable. I’ve spent a lot of time overseas exploring new cultures however over the past two years, its all been about Australia for me. I love the long drives through sparse, open areas of desert and documenting the people that live in these places. Theres a beautiful connection the locals have with the land once you find yourself far from the cities, its where you will find me. This journey across Australia and down to Tasmania was one I’ve wanted to do for a while now and I will be back there very soon. The people were welcoming, the landscapes breathtaking and very unique and the stories in country bars are made for the history books. Tasmania definitely is a four season in one day kinda place.

Wearing Brago

Here you’ve found me soaking up the incredible views near the ‘Head of the Bight’ close to the WA/SA border. It’s quite surreal to see the Australian continent just stop and fall into the Southern Ocean. At this time of year the Southern Wright Whales come up the the Bight to breed and nurse their calves which you will see almost everyday from atop the cliffs.

Wearing Benfica

This shot was taken at the start of a short hike to a wave around the point in the distance. Deep in South Australia theres a lot of waves but some you just can’t quite drive to without destroying the very fragile environment down there. It was time to pack the back and pull on the boots to chase some waves.

Wearing Aspen

What can I say, this picture needs no words…Cold beach mornings in the slippers!

Wearing Terminal

‘Bay of Fires’ on the East Coast of Tasmania is pretty special at anytime of the day. The colours of the rock really come alive at sunrise and sunset. I was jumping around on the rocks in the Terminal boot like a madman until I realised my accidental colour coordination with what I was wearing and my surrounds. It was a pretty funny moment, so I started taking some photos of the reds and blues.

Wearing Benfica

This photo was taken atop Cape Raoul on the Tasman Peninsula. I feel I’d need to take a poet there to really describe this unique place. Pillars of stone rise 200m straight up from the seafloor and stand there bunched together like matchsticks just waiting to topple over. I’ve never seen anything like it and highly recommend the two hour walk to experience this ‘should be wonder of the natural world’.

Lazy afternoon beers on some high sea cliffs on the Tasman Peninsula. I struggled with what to wear on some of the short hikes because you know you will warm up once you start walking but its so cold to start. One choice was simple though, the slip on boot!