Meet Genius Fit.

Designed in collaboration with a podiatrist, our new technology footbed combines orthotic benefits with our famous Hush Puppies comfort.

Let’s talk details.

The Genius Fit collection is designed with a clever combination of features that work together to provide you with the best support and comfort.

The cushion dome, known as the metatarsal dome, reduces pressure on the forefoot to improve comfort.

The arch support provides clever control and support of the midfoot section. It's like having your very own personal trainer guiding your steps!

And finally, we have the heel cuddle, known as heel aperture, that perfectly cups your heel for added support and cushioning.



Our favourites from the Genius Fit collection.

Meet Spin! These sneakers are our go-to for everyday adventures. We love them because they're super comfortable and light, which makes them perfect for running around city.

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Winter boots does not have to mean discomfort. Thalia  has got the sleek look for that winter day at the footy and all the arch support to get you to dinner. The ultimate ankle boot with a zip closure so you slip right in.

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Reach for new heights with Ramona, winter's new girl on the block. She is striding in style and her head is in the clouds, but she's always comfy on the ground. Available in black leather, cappucinno leather and suede taupe.

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