Meet Rebecca

But do you know what wasn’t part of the dream? The bit where your legs feet freaking kill you at the end of every single long day at work. Day in, day out, week in, week out. I had no idea that I’d be almost limping home from work some days.

The salon I work at has tiled floors, which it turns out is one of the worst things you can stand on all day long, and has been linked to a whole bunch of foot, leg, back and joint health problems. Great, huh?

It got to the point that the best part of the day was getting home and taking my shoes off and putting my feet up for a bit. And then I had kids and we all know that putting your feet up every day when you have little tackers to run around after is a bit of a pipe dream, right?

One of the solutions that lots of people have recommended to me is to invest in good shoes that give support and help cushion the impact of standing all day long. This was easier said than done – most of the shoes I found that ticked the boxes looked downright daggy. As a hairdresser I have to keep up a certain image – it’s expected of us - and some of those shoes didn’t fit the bill at all.

Total game changer.

Soleutions have been designed for women who literally spend all day on their feet, and they’re comfortable without compromising on style. In fact you would never know that they are speciality shoes at all – they look just like any other cute and stylish shoes that I’d want to buy anyway! One of the recommendations to lessen foot pain from standing all day is to have several good pairs of shoes that you rotate throughout the week. So, like I need an excuse to buy more shoes, I bought several different pairs of Soleutions so I can mix it up a bit.

I don’t limp home from work anymore, and my feet feel much better at the end of a long day in the salon - cooking dinner and picking up after the family after work is now less painful!

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