Meet Sara

With the reality being that a busy shift can mean I now walk up to 8 kilometres on the job, the statement couldn’t be truer! I am passionate about my nursing. Every shift I aim to deliver optimum care to my patients. There’s a stronger connection between my own comfort and well-being and the care I deliver than people would realise. Having the correct footwear makes an immense difference on both my stamina and demeanour. I remember when I first commenced a placement as a student, I’d purchased a lower-end pair of cheap, generic “nursing shoes”. They weren’t contoured to my feet well, and by the end of the shift I felt deflated and like I would never be able to “cut it” in the nursing game. I was sore, and worn out. It was after a few shifts of enduring feeling like this that I recalled what my lecturers had said about the importance of the correct shoes.

Within the industry, Hush Puppies are renowned for being a dependable shoe for nursing. So, in an effort to improve my on-the-job performance, I upgraded to my first pair.

Years later, I’ve never strayed from the brand since. They never compromise on comfort, are long-lasting despite the frequency of duration of wear, and they ensure I can feel my best in order to deliver quality care to my patients.

Nursing is an extremely physically demanding vocation. Keeping myself safe from trips, slips and hazards and being able to ensure I manually handle patients with consideration and care is also impacted by the shoes I wear. Incorrect footwear in this profession can lead to my patients being at risk, but also my own body.

My Hush Puppies perform flawlessly when it comes to slip resistance, water resistance (especially important when spills in my role are sometimes “biological”), and shock reduction on the heels and balls of my feet.

I feel further reassured knowing that Hush Puppies are concerned for my own health and wellbeing also. Their shoes are approved by The Australian Physiotherapy Association, and as someone within the medical industry myself that’s really important to me. They’re also a far-cry from the “boring” nursing shoes of the past!

They’re trendy, complement my uniform, giving me an all-round polished look and mean I start each shift with the physical and psychological edge I need to make me the best nurse I can be.

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