Meet Shannon

The kids really give me a physical run for my money: it’s like parenting, but 25-30 times over! I move in all directions, all day long: up and down to the floor, around the classroom, across the yard, going from squatting to standing and vice-versa, singing and dancing, and many other “movement activities”. 

I joke with friends sometimes: “Want a low impact, high endurance work-out? Forget Cross-fit. Try Early Education!” But there is absolute truth in it. All day long I am “go, go, go!” The best thing I can do for myself physically is be kind to my feet. I make sure I’ve got good sole cushioning, that my shoes suit the weather (there’s nothing worse than returning to class from yard duty with soggy, wet feet in Winter or feeling sweaty in Summer!) and that I’m able to move around really safely and easily. Plenty of foot, back and hip pain can be traced back to wearing the wrong shoes. Plantar fasciitis is common amongst teachers like me, and it comes down to wearing the wrong shoes when standing for extended periods of time. Not only am I very conscious of the fact I need to keep myself upright, stable and safe in my job. I also can’t afford to be in pain! Classrooms are loud and busy enough as it is, and being in pain can drastically affect your ability to attend to everyone’s needs.

My students deserve quality attention from me, without the sort of distraction pain creates. We have a lot of “fun” in the classroom, but a lot of that “fun” can mean a lot of mess! Paint, water, glue, food, you name it, gets dropped or spilled all the time. Kids react pretty much the same to the words “Time to pack up!” in the classroom as reluctantly as they do at home!

I spend more time than most people would realise tidying up, cleaning up and discovering more messes along the way. Having a good tread-pattern on my Hush Puppies helps me avoid the “obstacle-course of goo” made on a daily basis, to ultimately keep me safe, and my students safe as well. Because I’m not confined to a uniform, I do like to mix it up fashion-wise.

I like to look professional, suit the seasons, yet be able to move freely to perform physically in my job. The Hush Puppies range combines fashion-forward looks that suit both my warm and cool weather wardrobes. They’re modern and chic without losing points for ease of wear. And they last! It’s because of this style factor and level of comfort that my Hush Puppies also quite often cross over from my work-wear to everyday wear. Given some days we have staff meetings, or after-school training and development sessions, some days can be as long as 10 or more hours. As much as I might like to, I don’t get to dash off when the bell rings to rush home for a glass of wine in peace like people sometimes think! The days are truly lengthy. Hence why comfortable shoes are so important and last through every busy day. 

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