We are proud to partner with charities and
organisations that want to be better and do better.

RSPCA Victoria

Our team at Hush Puppies is passionate about animal welfare. We are proud to support the RSPCA Victoria in its efforts to end cruelty to all animals and provide care when they are most in need. Through our partnership, we support donations and fundraising to help them achieve this goal. Every year, Hush Puppies participate in the Million Paws Walk, match your donations at Give to Get Them Home, and raise additional funds through sale of tote bags in our retail stores.


Happy Boxes Project

Women in our own backyard are going without basic toiletries. Accessibility to simple items like deodorant, shampoo and soap prove challenging when the closest store can be up to 1000km away. Some communities are at the end of 750km of harsh, red dirt roads. Others can be cut off by flood waters for months at a time. In partnership with the Happy Boxes project, we are alleviating the barriers of accessing basic needs by encouraging the sending of self-care items to women in remote corners of Australia in our Hush Puppies shoe boxes.


Tread Lightly

Each year, Australians buy more than 25 million pairs of new shoes but less than 2% of old pairs are recycled – it’s just not acceptable and we need to do better.

In partnership with Tread Lightly, we’re collecting pre-loved shoes and recycling them into rubber mats. Look for the designated box at any Hush Puppies store and donate your pre-loved shoes today!



We all leave an impact on the planet, and we are committed in cleaning up our footprint to ensure a more promising climate future for generations to come. That's why we've partnered with Greenfleet to offset 576 tonnes of carbon emissions in 2022-23 and to restore forests by planting thousands of native species in Australia.

Since 1997, Greenfleet has planted over 9.4 million trees across 500 forests in Australia and New Zealand.


Here’s how you can help.

Small actions can make a big impact on Earth. Together, let’s take steps toward sustainability.
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